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Win A Free Copy of Beautiful Music

Can music bring two lonely souls together? Coming in a few days readers will be able to find out. Beautiful Music is strictly a romance novel about two beautiful people locked in their own worlds living a lonely existence. If readers would like a chance to receive a free Kindle copy when released, all you have to do is like my fan page www.facebook.com/BooksbyToye and leave a comment. I will contact the winner by inbox. Good luck!

The Perfect Combination

Samantha Charleston has the worst luck when it comes to men and love. Giving herself at the tender age of 22 to a man 14 years her senior is a mistake she soon regrets when he walks out on her while she is down and out. Her best friend Kim suggest she release her mind from her problems for one night and meet another friend of hers going through the same struggles. Reluctantly she agrees but is surprised her blind date is not what she expected.

Eric Severide had his fair share of bad luck when it came to love. Determined not to give his heart to another woman, he’s on the path to become the biggest womanizer he can be. All he wants to do is have a good time with women and leave with no emotional ties. That is until he meets Samantha Charleston on a blind date. The two have too much in common not to be a match made in heaven, but both are too similar in personality to get along.

Release Day for A Journey For Justice

The second book in my Detective Series has finally arrived.  Meet Detective Joseph Fernando.  He will embark on a journey to get justice for his best friend Terrell Freeman.  Will stumbling blocks prevent him from getting justice or will his heart get him kicked off the case.

Detective Joseph Fernando arrives at the brutal crime scene to discover his best friend Terrell Freemen murdered and his girlfriend Rachael Thomas clinging to life by a thread. He begins his investigation with little clues and hopes Rachael will recover to help him identify the shooter. Unfortunately she expires months later leaving a cold trail for him to follow. Making matters worse, Rachael’s twin sister, Raquel returns to town to care for the couple’s two-year old son. Joseph hasn’t seen Raquel in five years. Her return stirs up old feelings making him more determined to solve the murders. Will Joseph be able to keep his feelings for Raquel in control while he hunts the perpetrators who committed the heinous crime or will his attraction for Raquel get him kicked off the case? Follow the investigation to see how it unfolds.

My Interview With The Firefighters of Station 30

I had the pleasure of visiting Fire Station 30 yesterday. I was doing research for my new book and wow, is all I can say. When Ashley and I first arrived, the Battalion Chief was leaving on a run and I thought the interview would be canceled, but only he was dispatched.

Well, we were invited inside and I met with Lt. Dean Murad who gave me a wealth of information and cleaned up my jargon while detailing what they do during their 24-hour shifts. Anyway, I have many tapes to transcribe and can't wait to organize the information to use for my book. I expected the interview to last an hour but it went on for over three hours and what fun Ashley and I had with these guys. I have so much respect firefighters and wish I could do more to help them in getting the attention they need regrarding upgrading their equimpent and getting more funding, because they deserve it.

I would like to thank Lt. Dean Murad, Firefighter Otto, Firefighter Steve and Firefighter Gordon for sharing their stories and the laughs. We had a great time and I was invited back  to talk with them if I needed more material or to do a ride-along on the rig since a call didn't come in while I was there. They have a lot to say and I plan on writing a book putting together their independent stories to share with readers.  Read more about my visit on my blog at www.booksbytoye.com.

A Small Random Excerpt From Smoke & Fire

“Gabrielle, don’t try an’ scare me away before we get started. I’m not asking you to run down your history to me. I work a lot too. Since I’m single, I volunteer to take on extra shifts for guys that have families—so I know how it is to work a lot. As it is, my hours are different. It seems I’m at the fire house more than I am at home.”

“How have you been dealing with being on medical leave the last few weeks?”

“I’m dealing with it better than I thought. I didn’t realize I was exhausted physically. The time off has recharged my batteries and given me time to catch up on stuff just sitting around collecting dust.”

“My vacation is coming this Spring and I can’t wait.”

“What are you going to do on your time off?”

“I have brochures stashed in my drawer at work of Jamaica and Montego Bay. I want to go lie on the beach of either of those places and do nothing for seven whole days.”

“Are you alone basking on either one these beaches?”

“I am alone since I never make it past my probation period of three months for dating.”

“Your problem is you’re not dating the right type of man.”

She propped her chin on the backs of her hands. “Here we go—you’re going to say, you are the man I should be dating.”

He raised his eyebrow and clicked his tongue to say, “In a nutshell—yup.”

“How do you know that? We could be different as night and day, Jonathan. I won’t dispute the attraction is strong, but once that has lifted what if there is nothing left underneath?”

He scooted the chair away from the table throwing the napkin on the plate. Taking the few steps to where she sat, he reached a hand out to her. Gabrielle took it not knowing what to expect. Her pulse kicked into high gear when he drew her near. She could smell his scent; feel his breath on her forehead. She wanted him more than any man she’d ever encountered in her adult life.

“Do you trust being alone with me?”

Her mouth was dry with anticipation. “Yes.”

“I’m opening myself up to you. Do what you want with me, Gabrielle.”


“I want you to do whatever is on your mind to me. If you want to throw juice in my face—then do it.”

“I’ve never heard of doing anything like this. Is this a test of some sort?”

“You’re being apprehensive. You have already warned me about your failed relationships so I’m giving you the opportunity to do whatever you want to me and walk away. But, if you come back, then, I know there is more lying underneath to be explored.”

“You’re crazy and I’m not doing this,” she said huffing.

“Admit you’re scared there might be more and you don’t want to face it.”

“I’m not scared of anything. I didn’t get where I am by being scared to take chances.”

The glaze of his hazel eyes never left hers. He concentrated on the actions running through her head. He could almost hear her thinking. Gabrielle stood frozen to the floor. She’d gone tit-for-tat from day one with him, and now she had him on her territory and at her mercy.

Frowning, she bit her bottom lip. “I’m not apprehensive. You want to know what I really want to do to—well I’m about to show you!”

Official Cover for Smoke & Fire

Hey all! Meet Firefighter Jonathan DeMinico who is 6 foot 4 inches tall and tough as nails.  Sparks will definitely fly when he meets Respiratory Therapist Gabrielle King while hospitalized.

This sizzling tale will be coming soon! 

2013 Is Here!  To go with it will be new stories.  I'm currently working on two novels.  This is the tenative cover for one.

Scenes To Steal The Heart-Final Act

Just in time for Christmas for the Kindle or Nook reader on your gift list.

Danielle and Carlos are back and searching for the person causing turmoil in their newly repaired relationship. The search will lead the couple to California where the mystery starts to unfold. Will they be able to diffuse the ticking time bomb before their wedding or will their nemesis prevail in tearing them apart for good.  Now available at Amazon.com and allromanceebooks,com in various formats.

Scenes To Steal The Heart

Danielle Tate suffered a tragedy no woman should suffer. Losing the love of her life soon after becoming engaged broke her emotionally and spiritually. Her job as a policewoman with the Cleveland Police Department is holding on by a thread due to her lack of concentration.

Carlos Ramos is in Cleveland, Ohio to shoot an independent film. The handsome, Hollywood actor has the reputation of being uncontrollable and a womanizer.  Danielle has been assigned the task of working security for Mr. Ramos or losing her job.  The two bond a friendship after spending hours together. They soon learn they share a common interest; both are lonely.

Scenes to Steal The Heart is a read that will keep the pages turning until the end


Leighton Hall was a successful Private Wealth Investor in New York. Having left Chicago after graduating high school she vowed never to return home for more than a visit. Sixteen years later, after leaving her Wall Street job, she is back in Chicago and running her brother?s restaurant. Faced with hiring a new chef, and through a mutual friend, is introduced to Charles Andrews, a talented chef hailing for Ontario, Canada.

Charlie is hiding a few secrets of his own, but vows to stick around Chicago after meeting Leighton. Although she is charming and friendly, he notices she is very withdrawn. He is made aware why the beautiful woman, with the sad eyes, refuses to take a chance at happiness. Charlie makes it his goal to show her all men aren?t dogs and can be trusted. Will Leighton let her guard down long enough to take the challenge, is his only question.


Marcus Winters had what most men wanted.  Fame, money, a successful career after retiring from the NFL.   He lived a clean life  - at least that is what people thought.  Behind closed doors his life was far from perfect.

Lauren Bennett came to Cleveland, Ohio to embark on her new career as a Marketing Director. Little did she know the innocent morning she spent with a mysterious stranger, would turn into a life-changing journey.

Follow the lives of two individuals destined to be together only to have circumstances possibly keep them apart.  Will love be strong enough to overcome the stumbling blocks thrown in their path to happiness, or will the towel be thrown in for each to go their separate way?


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